Johan Eriksson - In English

As a five-year-old I drew my first map. The inspiration to design my own urban landscapes developed from an interest in Stockholm's urban development, traffic routes and track-bound public transport and how this is depicted in maps and city-plans. Gradually, I discovered more of the outside world and other major cities, Beijing, Berlin and Pittsburgh, among others. During the 1990s, I began a correspondence with various traffic companies around the world regarding tram traffic in Stockholm of the future.

Some of the envelopes I work with derive from this correspondence with traffic companies, others are from friends who send me letters from different countries. Stamps, postmarks, addresses on or crinkles/folds in the envelope in combination form the conditions I am relating to. I see a possible picture in the relationships between these and how the cities are built in proportion to an imaginary topography and historical monuments. The cities I draw are fictional, yet fully realistic. Cities have their built-in constraints.

 All of the images are sections of views of major cities with functioning traffic. These compositions might as well express or be perceived of as patterns, images or movies ...

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